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    Jacob Moore


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    Jacob Moore

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    Birth Name: Jacob Christopher Moore
    Wrestling Name: Jacob Moore
    Current Nicknames: "The American Psycho", "The Rogue Elitist"
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 220 lbs
    Age: 31
    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
    Wrestling Debut: August 2010
    In-Ring Achievements: NWF Pure Champion, NWF Hardcore Champion, AWL Unsanctioned Champion, Ended El Ironico's debut winning streak, EAW Rising Star of the Week (2x)

    Picture Base: Cody Rhodes (Blonde)
    Ring Attire: Long tights with either Mortal Kombat, X-Men, Marvel or Chicago sports inspired designs and colors, hand/wrist tape, white or black boots
    Entrance Attire: Black leather jacket with a custom knife and American flag design emblazoned on the back OR if in Chicago, a custom jersey from any local team with his last name and the number 86 on the back
    Segment Attire: Same as his entrance attire

    Disposition/Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Motivations: Recognition, Respect
    Tendency to Cheat: If needed
    Personality: Despite his calmer demeanor nowadays, Jacob is still very much a disturbed man deep down. He also has quite the anger issues and refuses to get too close to anyone in EAW for fear of betrayal. In promos, he will seem cool and normal but in the ring lies a whole other beast waiting to be awoken.
    Gimmick: After an uneventful return at the tail-end of 2017, Jacob feels his reputation has been ruined and that he now has to work even harder to prove that he deserves the proper respect and recognition he craves so much - even more so now that he has been moved to EAW's flagship show, Showdown. While still not above a shady finish every once in a while or insulting his opponents, he takes a softer, more laid back approach when addressing them - unless given a reason not to. A solid 7-year veteran of the business, he shouldn't be where he is: at the bottom the card and losing to enhancement talent for the sake of "shaking things up", he wants to be talked about as one of the greats. And after all those years of wear and tear on his body, despite his relatively young age, he isn't sure how many more years he can go at full speed and perform at the level expected of him. Thus, Jacob doesn't have time to wait around for opportunities to be given to him - he will take them with his own hands. He will cherish every chance he gets to make history and add accomplishments to his résumé. Once he reaches the top of the mountain, no one will be able to speak of EAW's best without mentioning his name.

    Theme Music: "Today" by Smashing Pumpkins

    Common Moves
    Bicycle kick
    Elevated DDT
    Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
    Diving Crossbody
    Multiple dropkick variations
    Turnbuckle powerbomb
    Apron belly-to-back slam
    Rolling wheel kick to cornered opponent
    Inverted headlock backbreaker
    Sitout side slam
    Boston Crab
    Sleeper Hold
    Spin Mule kick
    Straight jacket DDT
    Alabama Slam
    Slingshot senton
    Knee drop
    Spinning backfist
    Delayed vertical suplex
    Reverse chinlock
    Sunset flip
    Suicide dive

    Signature Moves
    Triality (German, Dragon, and Tiger Suplex combination)
    Magnificent Mile (Springboard roundhouse kick)
    Walkabout (Garvin stomp)
    Fortune Faded (Hammerlock short-arm lariat)

    Finishing Moves
    Second City Driver (Wrist-clutch fisherman driver)
    Tightrope (Butterfly Lock)
    *UF* Catch My Death (Double wrist-lock knee strike to kneeling opponent)

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