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    Masaru Kasahara


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    Masaru Kasahara

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    笠原 マサル

    Wrestling Name: Masaru Kasahara
    Picture Base: Katsuyori Shibata
    Nicknames: "The Night Stalker", "The Omen", "The Merciless One"
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 205 lbs
    Age: Unknown
    Hometown: Unknown
    Billed From: Parts Unknown

    Disposition/Alignment: Ruthless Heel
    Gimmick: Masaru Kasahara is a Japanese-American wrestler of full Japanese descent. However, he strongly identifies with his ancestry and embraces the culture, especially its professional wrestling. He can speak both English and Japanese fluently. Inside the wrestling world, he is a force of evil. While some say they were sent by Gods to help people, he believes he was born to destroy, and that is his purpose. For every positive thing you can think of, he can respond with a negative. He rarely, if ever, shows emotion and takes his job of cleansing and exposing very seriously. His every move is cold and calculated. No word is wasted from his mouth on the occasion that he does speak, and his words should be feared. No one is safe, man or woman, from him.

    Theme Music: "Strike!" by Whispered
    Entrance: Kasahara's entrance is nothing out of the ordinary. He walks straight down the ramp not breaking eye contact with either the ring or his opponent(s), depending on what order he comes out. When he enters the ring, he takes a bow then takes a seat, sitting in a cross-legged position, awaiting the beginning of the match.

    Goal: His ultimate goal is to show the world that there is no good left in this life. But he can only do this if he gets the attention he seeks. Once a championship is in his hands, no one will have a choice but to listen to him.
    Tendency to Cheat: Never, so you have to hate him for a legit reason. *wink*

    Wrestling Debut: Unknown
    Favorite Match Types: "I Quit", Iron Man, Last Man Standing, No DQ
    Least Favorite Match Types: Battle Royal, Steel Cage, Lumberjack
    Favorite Weapons: Fists, knees, and feet
    Wrestling Style: "Strong" Style
    In-Ring Achievements: N/A

    Common Moves
    Backdrop Suplex, Leg Lock, Low Dropkick to knee, Single Leg Boston Crab, Bridging German Suplex, One handed Bulldog, Piledriver, Dragon Screw Leg Whip, Rib Breaker, Bridging Dragon Suplex, Cornered Shining Wizard, Enzuiguri, Sit-out Powerbomb, Triangle Choke, Spinning backhanded strike to the face, Leg-hook STO, Triangle Armbar, Chickenwing facelock, Wrist-clutch Olympic Slam, Vertical suplex side slam, Double underhook backbreaker, Rolling release suplex, Martial arts kicks and strikes, Headbutt, Snapmare, Headlock, Abdominal Stretch, Forearm smash, Uppercut, Roundhouse kick to chest, Alabama Slam, German suplex, Underhook suplex, Big Boot, Corner stomps, Shoulder block, Spinning back kick, Grounded superkick, Piledriver, Knee to the back Camel Clutch, Running clothesline

    Signature Moves
    1. Bicycle Knee
    2. Wrath of Shinigami (Running corner dropkick to seated opponent) [WATCH]
    3. Pele Kick
    4. Tree of Freedom (Diving double foot stomp to opponent in tree of woe position) [WATCH]
    5. Daybreak (Vertical suplex lifted and dropped into double knee backbreaker) [WATCH]

    Finishing Moves
    1. Face Value (Penalty Kick to the face/head of seated opponent, sometimes followed by The Slow Surrender)
    2. Spirit Breaker (Gutwrench Backbreaker Rack into Knee Strike) [WATCH]
    3. The Slow Surrender (Sleeper Hold)
    Ultra-Finisher: The Cleansing (Dragon Screw Neck Whip) [WATCH]

    He does not do backstage interviews
    He does not cheat or do cheap shots as he believes those are for weak, cowardly people
    He speaks English on-screen despite also being fluent in Japanese
    He does not do public appearances outside of the ring
    He wears suits when not in his wrestling gear
    He can be called Kasa for short

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